Divergence is made by photographers that offer, through their own art and creativity, a personal interpretation of a shared idea: reality is the sum of different and divergent sights, all of them narrated in sync.

Alessandro Lorenzelli

I was born in Tuscany at the end of the Sixties. I grew up reading about adventures and travels, perfumes I could not scent and colors I could not see. Then I grew older. And I began to travel and try find those colors and perfumes, to try and become a piece of a book, someone’s idea, a story in my own good or perhaps just a wonder about. My pictures are this tale, they are now in private collections in Italy and abroad, they have been used by corporate clients and no-profit organisations, and have been chosen by media companies and have been part of collective and personal exhibitions.

Armando Rebatto

I was born in Milano, I live there since ever, I work there as a photographer and artist since 1978. Photography for me began with a strange name, Lubitel, it was coming from the freezing cold of Russia, but took me where I wanted: to be inside an event, a story, and get in synch with the people within it. I have chosen to work with light and the imagination that light suggested. So I developed a style that let me land into the communication sector and amongst the most significant photographers in the advertising world, working with top national and international brands. Recognitions and prizes, and being selected to exhibit where art is most celebrated make me well aware that the choice I did make, my desire to always capture evocative and unique images, all of this is ultimately my way of talking and telling my own personal story.

Francesco Santori

Photography is my passion, since when I was 17. As time went by, it did transform into a job. The most beautiful job in the world, for me. Photography is my narration, my personal tale made out of images. It is desire and necessity at the same time. Photography made me talk, whisper, scream, in my own way, with my mouth shut.


Zalando, FR

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Simone Rossi

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